Infant and Maternity Sleep Consultant | Dubai

Nurture is a Dubai based sleep consultancy, specialising in maternity, infant and toddler sleep. Our work is informed by relevant, scientific research and is inspired by our desire to provide a bespoke service to our clients. We believe that our extensive experience in working with pregnant women and families enables us to provide practical, successful and insightful results.


Julie Mallon

As a mother of three daughters and an experienced health practitioner of over 30 years,  Julie has supported, encouraged and coached many families and new mums adjust to their new lives and roles as parents! As a strong advocate for evidence-based advice, Julie's bespoke approach is both holistic and compassionate; working towards the achievable goal of having both happy parents and content children. 

Julie's practice is informed by her study of current parenting techniques and psychological studies. Julie places great emphasis on the importance of internationally respected research from qualified academic bodies, whist working with empathy and passion for those under her care.

Julie recently completed an 15 week programme with the Infant Mental Health Promotion provided by the University of Toronto. This course is dedicated to promoting optimal mental health outcomes from the earliest years (prenatal to 36 months) by developing and supporting best practices for enhancing infant mental health through education, information dissemination, networking and advocacy. The content of this course is proving invaluable to Julie's practice as a Gentle Sleep Coach.

Currently registered with the International Maternity and Parenting Institute, she became certified with popular North American Sleep Coach and author Kim West in June 2016.

Julie and NurtureToSleep will help you prepare for parenthood, whilst focusing on the wellbeing of children from infancy to childhood.