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Clients & Testimonials

Thanks to Julie’s program, our baby has rarely skipped his morning nap or early bed time at night even with teething or cold. And who said breast fed babies can’t sleep through the night? With Julie’s program, everything is possible. Thank you for not only changing our baby’s life, but also ours as a parent!

Al Sughayier

Al Sughayier

My wife and I were fortunate enough to attend her group sleep workshop in the early days of our parenting journey. It really helped us develop an appreciation and deep understanding of the science behind sleep. We walked out confident and were able to implement her strategies.

We did eventually hit a wall and brought in Ms. Mallon for a private home consultation. She really took the time to get to know us, understand our child and then recommended a plan that worked best for us as a family. She keeps the child at the centre of her work and we have nothing but admiration for her. She is a gem!

Vickram Agarwal

Vickram Agarwal

Being a first time mum is not easy and to raise a lil one without ‘ a village ‘ is even more difficult. It was when all the Google searches on sleep training failed me and Gina Ford books made it even worse, a Ta-da moment happened! Julie happened! She entered our world and since then it all changed! we got our sleep back, my lil baby boy Kiaan did the magical hours of sleep aka he started sleeping through the night. What I had thought was impossible Julie made it possible. Julie also immensely guided me with my boy’s weaning! I not only have a baby that sleeps through the night but also eats whats put on his plate! Happy baby =to happy Mummy! and this equation was achieved all because of Julie’s help, guidance and support! She is my mentor and I couldn’t be happier to have met her.

Neha Singhwi

I was always very skeptical when I heard the word ‘sleep trainer’, especially being a mummy to 3 children that had a routine from day one and were all great sleepers from very early on. This however changed when my second son was 18 months. We spent around 8 months of some good periods and bad periods, I couldn’t put my finger on it and as someone who loves routine and sleep it drove me crazy, we were doing everything right. Finally I buckled and asked Julie to come and visit. What an experience. I was expecting someone to come in tell me I must do XYZ but no, Julie just sat, listened and gave her ideas on mainly on sleep but also behavior as a whole in really calm way. She spent time explaining and answering all of our questions. When she left I felt so much more less stressed but at first a little confused because she hadn’t given that routine. But we pushed forward and the next day implemented a couple of her ideas. After 8 months of sleep rollercoaster we had 2 more night wakings and nothing since! It also made us reevaluate our general day to day stuff which has resulted in a lot less shouting and tears 😃.

Katrina Gray

Katrina Gray

With so many changes and traveling going on, my 8 month old was not sleeping well at all, waking up almost five times a night! Julie was able to help me tremendously by providing useful information and tips but more importantly, she took a lot of time to understand my child’s behaviour and personal needs in order to fully assess the situation. We changed a few things in terms to food intake, naps and routine and this has changed our night time sleeping completely and my son now sleeps 6-8 hour stretches and it keeps getting better! Thank you Julie.


I’m so grateful for your invaluable advice when my son was having sleeping problems. From waking at least 5-6 times at night every night for months, he started sleeping at least 10-11 hours without waking and learned how to fall asleep on his own without any cry it out methods. Your kind, knowledgeable and loving approach has made me so confident and relaxed as a mother. I can’t recommend you highly enough!


What can one say when somebody so professional comes into our lives and makes such a positive and beautiful change. No words can thank Julie enough; not only for helping us get our life back in order and our baby’s sleep pattern sorted but also for demonstrating that Julie was doing this genuinely because she cares. What started of as a client/consultant experience has transformed into a friendship experience to Julie actually feeling like she is a part of the family. To those who are reading, you should get Nurture to Sleep into your life and nurture yourself back to life 🙂


At its worst, my children were taking it in turns to wake us every 1-2 hours each night. Chronically sleep deprived and miserable, my husband and I were recommended to contact Julie Mallon. Being a sceptic, and distracted with the all consuming task of raising two young children, I wasn’t keen on the idea of using any kind of super nanny or sleep consultant. I didn’t want to be told to give up breastfeeding and switch to formula by one more person. I couldn’t stand the idea of leaving a baby to ‘cry it out’ and I thought I knew all there was to know about getting children into a good sleep routine (my eldest had been giving me 13 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night for 2.5 years).

Julie was an absolute saviour. I continue to breastfeed still, and never once had to leave either of my children to cry themselves to sleep. Julie’s approach felt very tailor-made; she was a fantastic listener and astute with her observations of our daily routine and energy. Yes, getting your children to sleep adequately and contently is very much common sense parenting but after months of sleepless nights, that logical part of our brains wasn’t functioning too efficiently. Julie enlightened us with all her knowledge and years of experience and by making a few small and easy adjustments to the children’s day routine, diet and bedtime routine, she set us back on the steady path to sleep filled nights that continue to this day. Now I no longer have the ‘fear’ of going to bed only to be woken minutes later by a crying child and I know that when they inevitabley do wake again in the night that I have the ability to deal with the situation swiftly without reverting back to past habits. Julie is no.1 on my list of recommendations for any sleep-deprived child or parent.


I first met Julie when my son was 6 months old, after him not sleeping longer than 5 hours ever in his life (I was and still am breastfeeding) and having a 2 yr old at home I though it was time to do something.
I needed assistance in helping my son sleep at night and during the day.
She was so good at putting me at ease and encouraging me throughout the whole process which took a while! She was great though and now my son is 10 months old and he sleeps 7.30- 7 every night and sleeps so well during the day! Julie was also on hand via phone and email all the time, anytime I had worries or was unsure id just contact her and she would reassure me!


We first met the wonderful Julie Mallon earlier this year – my son was just over 1 years old & would only fall to sleep if we rocked him in our arms. He also woke several times during the night (often for hours on end) and was not getting the quality of sleep that he needed.
Julie was absolutely fantastic – in the space of 3 nights we went from rocking him to sleep to putting our son into his cot awake where we could say “Goodnight” and walk out of his room. He would happily drift off to sleep alone. Night time wake-up’s also became less & less frequent & now rarely happen. Whenever we did have a bad night (which wasn’t many!!), Julie was always available at the other end of the phone. She uses a very gentle approach, ensuring at no time was our son distressed. She has such a warm, loving and caring nature that it was a pleasure to have her in our home. I cannot recommend Julie & her sleep technique highly enough.

Majella Healy