Infant and Maternity Sleep Consultant | Dubai

Email consultations

Our qualified consultants work with you to assess your baby’s sleep issues and provide a tailored solution for you, supporting you through the implementation of the plan. 

Issues we can address

  • new born sleep strategies
  • babies who find it hard to settle or need feeding/ waking/ dummies to sleep
  • babies with disturbed night sleep patterns
  • babies with disturbed nap patterns
  • babies who wake early 
  • babies who can’t settle before late at night
  • babies whose sleep pattern regresses due to illness or travel
  • toddlers who get out of bed
  • toddlers with disturbed night sleep patterns
  • toddlers who rise early
  • other sleep problems

Email package

This package includes the initial review of your child’s sleep pattern by the completion of the detailed sleep questionnaire; a fully personalised sleep assessment will be produced, leading to a further three email interactions as I reviewed your template sleep logs during the first week of your action plan on days one, three, five and seven. This support and detailed interaction with your sleep consultant helps to address the initial sleep pattern issues and any additional problems that may be present. You as the parent will be advised, guided and empowered to solve the sleep problems of your baby. Most sleep problems improve in three days, with major progress in seven days and new habits formed over 21 days. 

Cost: 1200 DHS