Infant and Maternity Sleep Consultant | Dubai

Home consultations

As consultants we come to your home and provide expert guidance and support on how to solve your child’s sleep issues.

This is a thorough and comprehensive package including the following:

  • A comprehensive sleep assessment about your child's sleep
  • A tailored and individual sleep plan
  • Follow up support, initially at the home (up to 2 further visits)
  • A minimum of 3 contact hours
  • Assessment of your child’s sleep environment, with recommendations on any necessary changes
  • Discussion of how to work with your child’s temperament and appropriate parenting style

Issues we can address

  • new born sleep strategies
  • babies who find it hard to settle or need feeding/ waking/ dummies to sleep
  • babies with disturbed night sleep patterns
  • babies with disturbed nap patterns
  • babies who wake early 
  • babies who can’t settle before late at night
  • babies whose sleep pattern regresses due to illness or travel
  • toddlers who get out of bed
  • toddlers with disturbed night sleep patterns
  • toddlers who rise early
  • any other sleep problems!

Each full consultation includes:  

A four stage itinerary: an initial assessment, a clear sleep plan, the implementation of this and finally a review. 

Firstly, our qualified Sleep Consultant will come to your home for the initial assessment to create a detailed sleep plan, the second follow-up meeting will discuss this plan and finally a third consultation will ensure the successful completion of the sleep plan.

A typical in home consultation will last two hours, with the initial including our Sleep Consultant sitting with your family and exploring relevant background information, before discussing various options for your child in which key information to be gathered. 

During the second visit the detailed sleep plan will be discussed at length considering the best sleep options for your child. After phone and email interactions, a final visit will be completed after a twenty-one day period to ensure that a lasting solution has been found. 

Cost: 2000 DHS

We don't believe in letting a child cry out alone and our approach is designed to minimise crying and achieve optimal sleep.