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A Sleep Conference In Paris

I am very excited to tell you that next week I will be attending IPSA -  the 5th International Paediatric Sleep Association Congress, which has been organized by the World Sleep Society and will be held during Apr 27 - 29, 2018 at Paris Convention Center, Paris, Ile-de-France, France.

During the conference I will be learning new sleep techniques which I hope will further inform my practice and I am looking forward to meeting fellow sleep consultants, especially Kim West, who has been my mentor and inspiration.

DaddysDigest: Hear Me Cry

I recently wrote an article for DaddysDigest, which is a new empowering platform for fathers, which encourages them to be an active part of their children's lives while giving them a safe space to share experiences and ask questions.

My article, which was called 'Hear Me Cry', gives advice to new parents and explores what we experience as parents when our newborn cries. 

To read the article please click below:

Sea Shells on the Palm

Julie, our sleep expert, is part of the dynamic and passionate Babies & Beyond team based in Dubai.  She is more importantly a qualified British trained Nurse, Midwife, Health Visitor, Doula and Sleep Consultant.  She is married and mother to 3 beautiful girls and the youngest two are currently both at university.  I have spent the last couple of months getting to know Julie, and love her warm relationships with her daughters.  She continues to provide much support to her daughters, and as an outside observer she has achieved a balance, which can be challenging for any parent,  to  give her daughters a sense of independence whilst making sure they sense they have her and her husband’s parental support.  I admire her style of parenting, and I do, therefore, trust her advice when it comes to my children.  We have achieved significant milestones for our children with Julie’s help in terms of sleep and a few other areas.  Read about my family’s experience here.  We sit down with Julie to ask her about her background and some frequently asked questions about sleep, and her take on the subject.

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