Infant and Maternity Sleep Consultant | Dubai

Private Sleep Workshops 

As well as group sleep workshops, Julie also offers private sleep sessions. During this session Julie will come to your home and deliver the class to you and your partner privately. This will enable Julie to observe the environment and offer a more personalised analysis of your child’s sleep routine and to see what the changes may enable sleep improvement. She will then create a personalised sleep plan for your child and provide a booklet of information that is created specifically on your child's routine and character.

Julie will cover any of following and any other specialised requirements that you and your child have.

  • What to do if your child is not sleeping throughout the night
  • Early morning wake ups
  • What to do if your child is frequently waking at night to feed
  • Helping your child transition from cot to bed
  • Helping your child transition from family bed to a cot
  • What to do when you child refuses to nap
  • Moving from two naps to one nap
  • Moving from one nap to no nap
  • Teaching your child to self-soothe
  • What to do if your child is showing signs of separation anxiety
  • How to and when to use a Sleep Manners Chart
  • Chair positioning/chair withdrawal to enable your child to sleep independently.

Julie will guide you to monitor your child's sleep routine closely and make amendments to your unique plan, when and if problems arise. 

Julie offers a range of sleep packages depending on your child's needs, varying from 3 hour workshops to 2 and 3 week sleep packages. For more information, contact Julie via the details listed on the Contacts Page.