Child Development

At Nurture, we believe that understanding your child is one of the most effective ways of becoming successful in the art of parenting. Quality time is difficult to achieve when you are trying to juggle your time between corporate life and parenthood.

To help assist you on your parenthood journey, we provide qualified medically trained baby sitters who are able to assist you and will be able to help provide your children with various opportunities through play and activities to boost their development and prepare them for their next phase of growth. At the same time, with Nurture baby services as your parenthood partner, you will be able to set expectations and limits that are acceptable to your child.

Apart from our specialized “child development” babysitting services, we offer a bespoke “My First Year” and ‘My Second Year” Programme, which has been developed in-house by our co-founder to help guide parents through the initial two years of parenting.

This programme reviews the right techniques towards sleep, nutrition and development milestones. Thus, helping to empower parents with the skills they need to enable a happy, healthy child.

This programme encompasses meetings every month for two hours, with our qualified senior midwife, who will provide practical parenting guidance, in addition to lots of material for you to digest in your own time.  These visits also provide parents with a safe space to ask questions, share problems and measure their child’s progress and growth.

Being a responsible parent is hard, specially in this day and age and we are here to help overcome and assist in any child development issues you may encounter.


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