Newborn Baby Care / Maternity Nurses

At Nurture, we provide the highest level of safe and professional new born care for your child to help your transition to parenthood and beyond be as smooth as possible.

All our maternity nurses are gentle, nurturing and professional, who understand the importance of going the extra mile to provide the best possible care for mother and baby, allowing you to be confident in leaving your most precious child in their very capable hands.

Our maternity and childcare nurses have a minimum of 3 year’s childcare experience or suitable childcare qualification, all of them hold a BSc in Nursing with hospital experience and first aid certification for your complete peace of mind.

Apart from standard care – such as bathing, feeding, sterilizing, maintaining sanitary and hygenic nursery and home environment for the baby, our maternity nurses have the added advantage of having receiving in-house internationally accredited training from our co-founder Julie Mallon in her unique gentle sleep coaching methodology which will allow our qualified maternity nurses to establish a healthy day and night sleep routine for your newborn from day one.

Additionally, our nurses are fully capable to support parents through infant care issues such as

  • Provide emotional support to the family in dealing with the transition of having a new baby
  • Bonding with the baby
  • Establishes a feeding routine with the baby (breastfeeding or using formula)
  • Following instruction from the parents either feed the newborn or take the newborn to the parents to be fed
  • Support the mother and family to feel confident in handing the newborn
  • Change and settle the baby after feeds
  • Monitor the baby’s sleeping patterns
  • Post –circumcision care
  • Providing encouragement and psychological support to the mother (within their scope of practice)
  • Feeding and sterilizing baby bottles
  • Bathing newborn
  • Establishing a day/night sleep routine for the baby using our co founder’s special soothing ladder and gentle sleep coaching techniques
  • At the family’s discretion, integrating the newborn baby to other siblings in coordination with the parents
  • Ensuring that baby and mother get enough sleep and eat well
  • Providing advice on colic & reflux
  • Many of our maternity nurse specialize in multiple births providing observation and care 24 hours a day.

Nurture maternity nurses are also fully equipped to handle premature babies, we are able to provide support day and night, seven days a week.

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