Infant and Maternity Sleep Consultant | Dubai

Three Week Consultation Plan

For parents who prefer a gentle sleep solution and want to protect their child’s emotional wellbeing; this includes a full investigation of your child’s sleep pattern, assessment of how best to create a sleep programme, to instigate an improved sleep pattern and advice on implementation of the sleep programme in order to achieve the desired results.

We have set out below the major consultation sessions within the programme. However, this programme is designed to last three weeks and will contain more interim sessions - offering differing needs of support depending on the needs of each family.  

Initial consultation

Initial consultation of at least one hour duration , to discuss your child’s sleep pattern and how to monitor the sleep pattern effectively in order to achieve the best way forward.

Second consultation

During the second consultation, a unique sleep plan for your child will be proposed and detailed, with advice on how best to start the programme and likely reactions and interventions necessary to implement the programme. This may also include a visit at bed time to provide support in the initial period.

The programme will be supported by frequent telephone calls and email follow up advice throughout the three weeks and three detailed support and milestone discussions will be planned at four day intervals.

Third consultation

A final consultation will be arranged at the end of the second week, to ensure that the programme has been successful and also to provide guidance as to the best methods of maintenance of a improved and stable sleep pattern.

Following a discussion there will be an emphasis on commencing weaning or exploring a healthy diet and an extended discussion/information on creating a holiday sleep routine.